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Pearl, The Little Light that Shines

2nd Edition
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-928681-13-7




Deborah Wilson Smart

Even as we grow older, our memories keep drawing us back to the past. Some memories bring smiles, and some overwhelm us with sadness. Despite some of the sad memories, P. J. "Pearl" Richardson, at age 60, decides to write about both the good and bad memories to illustrate how one does not have to be victim of their past. In her first book, "Pearl, The Little Light that Shines", she tells of her various relationships and adventures, and how she allows the light of Jesus to shine through the hurt, pain and disappointments in life. Her light inspires others to gain a positive outlook on their lives. Her stories bridge across all age groups as she begins telling her story at age 10. Each of her stories has a message individuals from each age group can learn a little more about living a fulfilling life by rejecting the negative memories that haunt them.